Magic Wands: Healing with Beauty and Intention

by | Aug 27, 2019 | Crystal Musings

My partner Bob (of Magical Delights) has been making magic wands for over 30 years.

He works away steadily in his workshop in our basement creating beauty — day in and day out.

He has some very specific ideas about magic and about the healing energies of stones and crystals. And his wands can be found all over the world at this point.

Anyone who has worked with and/or experienced Bob’s magic wands knows the depth of energy and healing that can be found within them.

The “Black Wand” is Born

In the last year or so, there has been a new design of magic wand introduced through a download that occured as we were shopping at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.

Bob was guided to buy obsidian pieces with various designs on them — gold sheen obsidian, rainbow obsidian, spiderweb obsidian — among others.

In the same room as the obsidian, was a vendor selling shungite points. Shungite is a carbon mineral that protects the body from EMF frequencies. It seemed like the perfect thing to put in a wand.

Immediately after this, we were pulled in by fairy stones (aka pudding stones) from Canada.

Many of these stones have etched markings on them. To Bob, they looked like reiki symbols. To me they were more like a language.

The most remarkable thing about these finds was that they were presented to us in immediate succession. Like they were forming themselves into wands as we walked through and got them.

When all of the stones got home and unwrapped, they were laid out on the table together. As Bob looked at them, the design and purpose of the “black wand” was downloaded at once. The whole picture came to him in one piece.

The Purpose of This Wand

There is no predetermination of use with these black wands. All of the stones used in them have little or no crystalline structure.

Some of the stones used are obsidian, shungite, fairy stone, moldavite, pearl and amber — these last two not really being stones.

While you can program a quartz or crystalline magic wand, the other stones contained within the wand will pretty much tell you what the energy is about. They create a gridwork of energy.

With the black wands, none of that energy is there to begin with. You can let the energy of your intention for the wand move through it.

Black wands can be both/either receptive of energy, or projective, depending on the healer’s intention or the client’s need.

In other words, they can draw energy away from the client or project energy into the client.

Also, by using your intention, and the energy moving through you, you can determine the frequency of the energy being transmitted.

These magic wands were designed specifically for practitioners/healers with a certain level of experience with stones and healing energy frequencies.

An Example of Healing

For me, the best illustration of how the wands work came when I was working on a client of mine.

She naturally has a lot of fire energy, and during one of her sessions, I got the overwhelming sense that she needed water/flow energy, and she needed it NOW.

I had not used the black wand before, but it seemed to light up on the table. So I picked it up and with all of my focus and prayers “programmed” the wand to have water energy.

I laid it on her chest, and continued with the rest of the healing work.

At the end of the session, when we were processing the work, she said, “I don’t know what you did, but in the middle of the session I felt like I was standing in a waterfall. It felt like I was being washed clean.”

This is how the magic of intention works.

“The proper use of the proper force with the proper intention, as Bob always says.

Some Tips for Using the Black Wand

  • Focus on the client and allow the non-directionality of this wand to open to the free flow of spiritual guidance/guides in the Universe. Let this energy connect through the wand with the client’s specific guides. This creates a bridge of information and energies between the two, and allows you as the healer to just be the instrument of the energies being transmitted.
  • Since the dominant color of these wands is black, which is the totality of al colors (or absorption of all colors), the energy of the rainbow, or all healing frequencies, is available through these magic wands.
  • If there is a specific intention for the healing work you are doing, or if there are several intentions at once, program the wand and let it work on one intention, freeing you up to work with others.

Finally, if you would like to have one of these beauties, I would encourage you to experiment with it yourself and see what healing energies it reveals to you. To purchase a wand click here.

Let us know your stories — we are excited to hear other ways in which these powerful tools can be of assistance.

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