Action Creates Clarity: 4 Stones to Get You Started

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Crystal Musings, Front Page, Uncategorized

I always think of September as a time to get back in action.

Summer is winding down and the cooler days make it easier to get things done.

It reminds me of going back to school — the anticipation, excitement, and yes, a little bit of dread.

These days I feel like action is called for, but I’m not always sure where to put my efforts.

Going off in twenty different directions and never getting anything accomplished.

Or trying to decide the perfect action to take among many, and ending up doing nothing, putting things off because I don’t know what action would be best.

Sound familiar?

My favorite quote from a business coach (sorry, I can’t remember who) is “Action creates clarity.”

Sometimes you just have to pick a task or project and go for it. It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect or every detail isn’t planned. Just act and the clarity will follow.

Whether the action succeeds or fails is not important. Either way you have a little more clarity than you did before.

My only caveat in all of this is — be sure you get that little leap in your heart when you think about what action you want to take.

The heart’s whisper can carry you much farther than any “I should” will ever do.

Because I’m all about the stones and crystals, I have chosen 4 stones that can assist you in getting some clarity on what your next steps may be.

These are not a substitute for action, they just may provide some assistance as you move forward.


Apatite is about freedom of expression. It is about saying what you need to say without censoring yourself.

This stone is a superb throat chakra stone. It opens and balances the voice, allowing you total freedom to be authentic in your words and actions.

Apatite is an aid to clarity in that it helps you to get clear on what you need to express and how you need to express it.

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These light, clear beauties encourage clarity of thought.

Apophyllites give off a high light vibration that allow thoughts to flow to you with ease.

They help you to sift through the fogginess and focus in on ideas, dreams and actions that will move you forward.

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Astrophyllite improves focus, clarity, and memory. The long golden coppery needles draw you into the stone. It is great for meditation and opening or strengthening the 7th chakra.

This stone connects you with non-physical beings in this world and beyond.

Facilitates astral travel.

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Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer diamonds are good teachers, allowing your own growth to come forth as needed.

These stones connect you to your higher guidance. When you need extra help in getting clear, sometimes you just need to ask and guidance is on the way.

Use a herkimer when you are out of ideas and you need an influx of light and understanding to get you back on track.

There are other stones that provide clarity. These are some of my favorites. What are your favorite stones to help you get clear?

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