Using a Pendulum: Basics

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I almost always have a number of pendulums for sale when I go to a show. They are great tools and they seem to generate the most questions of anything I have on my tables. I use my pendulums (yes, I have several) quite a lot for many different things. In this article, I will go over a few pendulum basics:

  • How does a pendulum work?
  • What makes a good pendulum?
  • Basic uses

How does a pendulum work?

A pendulum accesses your higher self or higher guidance to provide information to your conscious mind. Also, in another way, it uses the vast amount of subtle information your body takes in and brings it to the surface as an answer that you may be looking for. The subtle information is held in your subconscious mind and it is transmitted through your senses to an object such as a pendulum, bypassing conscious thought.

These are two of the basic ways your pendulum will work. It is best to use it in a calm relaxed state of being with no preconceived ideas of how it will work for you.

What makes a good pendulum?

Pendulums come in many different materials, such as crystals, stones, metals and wood. The pendulum should have a flexible connector like silk thread or a metal chain that will bend easily and is around 8-12″ long. The body of the pendulum should be rotationally symmetrical and is usually pointed at the bottom. I have, however, used a sphere as the bottom or rotational piece and had no problem. It should be connected in a way that it can oscillate freely without wobbling – well balanced and centered.

The only strict rule is that you should like the pendulum and find it pleasing to work with. In a pinch you can use your car keys, a necklace, or a screw with a piece of string.

Basics of pendulum use:

First you must find a pendulum that attracts you – just as you look for the perfect stone or crystal. You will find yourself drawn to a specific piece. I like to use quartz because that is a personal preference.  Clear quartz, citrine, amethyst, or rose quartz – any of these are good transmitters of information. Many people prefer copper, brass or other metals. It is a very personal choice.

When you find a pendulum you like, pick it up and begin to attune to it. See if it moves or sways in your hand. Sometimes it may vibrate in one position as you hold it. Hold the pendulum in a comfortable position – I like to hold it between my thumb and forefinger about 1/3 of the way from the top of the connecting string or chain. Again, there are no hard and fast rules about how to hold it, the most important thing is to be comfortable and relaxed. Be sure to hold it so that you won’t drop it as it begins to respond to your energy.

Once you have attuned with the energy of the piece you are holding, ask the pendulum to “show me yes” and observe how it moves. Then ask it to “show me no” and again notice how it moves. You can then proceed to ask questions you know are “yes or no” to check the veracity of the information you are receiving. Once you have established how the pendulum responds to you, more questions with yes/no answers can be asked.

What if the pendulum doesn’t move? You simply haven’t found the right pendulum if you can’t get it to move. Keep trying and you are sure to find the pendulum that will work with you.

This is just the beginning of how you can use the pendulum as a tool. In future blogs, I will offer more information and ways to use this amazing device.


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