Using a Pendulum: Part 2

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In a previous article, I gave a basic introduction to pendulum use. Here, I want to give you another useful way to work with a pendulum when doing energy work. These tools are great at picking up subtle energy movements. As with all pendulum uses, it is helpful to be in a calm, neutral state when working with them.


Using the Pendulum To Assess the Energy Field

The following process is used on clients before any healing work is done, to discover which chakra may be blocked, overactive or in need of clearing. It is done with the client lying down on your table. Keep in mind that most chakras move in a clockwise direction slowly and evenly. Chakras need to spin in harmony with each other, so in this process you will be looking for relative differences and relative harmony between them all.

Three-Step Process

  1. Begin at the root chakra, and hold the pendulum about 3 – 6 inches above the chakra. Hold it there until you feel/see movement. Notice how the pendulum moves (or doesn’t) here.
  2. At the second chakra and all subsequent chakras, repeat the step above. What you are looking for in terms of balance (all 7 chakras), are movements that are relatively the same for each energy center.
  3. When you are finished with all 7 chakras, begin the work of clearing at the lowest chakra that has shown a different movement from the rest. You can continue with other chakras (root to crown) needing work after the first on is done. Work on any chakra that seems blocked or erratic.

If all 7 chakras have shown different movements – for example, if one moves clockwise, one moves counterclockwise, one just vibrates the pendulum, etc. – begin at the bottom (root) and clear all chakras in sequence. When you are done clearing, re-test with your pendulum. It is surprising what a difference you will see.

This assessment technique works with many energy modalities: crystal healing, reiki, and healing touch to name just a few.

In the next blog, I will give you some exercises to work with to determine more subtle answers your pendulum can give you, and show a basic table to use for this. See more pendulums here.

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