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Every now and then I come across a stone whose meaning and purpose has evolved beyond what the books say. Even my own first impressions seem no longer complete. Aquamarine is just such a stone. Just as many of us are shifting and changing, this stone is evolving to assist us in the new reality we are creating as a whole.

You can attune a stone to your own intentions and receive guidance on its specific purpose for you in all cases. There are certain characteristics though, which the stone seems to convey for everyone.

In my meditations with this stone, I hear the words “blue water”. This is, of course, the literal translation of aquamarine. It reminds me of fluidity – the ability to move around and through any obstacle on your path.

Aquamarine has become a stone of travel – astral, dream, and literal. It opens you to new vistas, allows you to see what is possible with clarity, and then go after your vision with a plan. It opens the higher heart as you step into the flow of life and out of the struggle. It allows you to express what needs to be expressed with courage and integrity. In this way it is an excellent stone for the throat chakra.

This stone also works on the physical throat when things feel stuck there.

Inside the piece I am meditating with, I see a faint rainbow that reminds me of the blessings found whenever I stop for a moment and just look around me. Aquamarine is very much a stone that is unfolding and changing with us as we grow into the new, and leave behind what we no longer need. When used in healing it is a great stone to grid the energy body to prepare it for major changes.

And in the more traditional sense, aquamarine is a stone of courage and fearlessness, helping you to travel new roads and speak new thoughts without worry or hesitation.

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